The World's Only

Automated Intelligence Agency

GRAISIN uses machine learning, neural networks, and artificial intelligence
to quickly make sense of the world around you 24/7.


Google organized the world's information, GRAISIN understands it.

We live in a world where we have access to everything we could possibly want to know, but we have no time and no easy way to comprehend it. GRAISIN helps you do exactly that. GRAISIN curates information, learns it, and presents you with only what you want to know. Intel just isn't a business problem. Everyone has something they need to know, why not have a little help doing it?

How GRAISIN Understands Our World

Watch how GRAISIN sees and learns.

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Search: GRAISIN searches over 50+ sources of information in parallel.

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Understanding: GRAISIN reads all the info and condenses it all down to a concise answer.


Here's how GRAISIN provides a vital window into your industry
competition's capabilities, actions, and intentions.

Intelligent Systems Monitoring

GRAISIN monitors over 50+ sources of intel ranging from news sources, blogs, social media, stock markets, and more to find the most relevant and critical information for you.

Open Intelligence Interception

Public social media posts, comments, conversations are extracted for key insights into consumer behavior, sentiment, and actions.

Sentiment Analysis

Every piece of information is analyzed for intent, emotion, and threats & opportunities.

AI Summarizations

Get a full comprehension of key data and articles with a fraction of the time. GRAISIN reads complete sources of information and intelligently summarizes the key learnings of the intel for you.

AI Chat Bot

Have a question? See if GRAISIN can help. Ask him anything. The more you utilize him, the smarter he gets.


See the entire industry landscape at the macro and micro level. Understand trends, visualize data, and see statistics.

The Science

Learn about the technology and theoretical science behind GRAISIN

Data Scraping

Data scraping is the automated process of harvesting data from websites and other sources. GRAISIN automatically pulls millions of websites, blogs, social media and more to extract key information and makes sense of it.

Deep Learning

Massive amounts of computational power allow machines to recognize objects, translate speech, understand text, and create predictions. GRAISIN utilizes these techniques to gain an understanding of data and information much more quickly than humans can.

Multifactorial Super Intelligence

GRAISIN is a combination of several different AI's and machine learning platforms, that make up one super intelligence. All data is passed through a proprietary pipeline made up of several layers of machine learning code and algorithms in order to create further understanding at every step of the way.