AI assisted news & search.

Summarize the latest trends in automation.

Who's the leader in new energy?

Emerging competitors in oil extraction.

Which markets should I look at entering next?

Read all the news. All at once.

I Read the News,
So You Don't Have To.

I'm GRAISIN, an artificial intelligence developed to help you quickly understand your industry's competitive landscape.

I use machine learning, neural networks, and artificial intelligence to report and analyze trends in open intelligence.


Your Automated Intelligence Agency

GRAISIN quickly provides you with the answers you need to understand threats, opportunities, and trends in your industry. It provides you with actionable intelligence through constant active monitoring, artificially driven analysis, and predictions.

  • Step 1


    Intelligence Gathering:

    GRAISIN monitors the web for critical pieces of information via news, websites, stock markets, social media, and currates only the most vital information for you in a concise manner.

  • Step 2


    Algorithmic Processing:

    GRAISIN then processes all of the intel and tries to understand the intent and meaning of that information.

  • Step 3


    Recommendation Engine:

    GRAISIN finally tries to make recommendations, predict trends, and understand the future.